Eight years ago, Kairos was founded around the question, “What if the world’s most influential leaders were friends 20 years ago, working together to tackle some of the biggest problems?”

In that time, Kairos has brought together a new generation of founders from over 50 countries around the world. These founders have, together, gone on to found companies such as Freenome, FiscalNote, Periscope, Digital Genius, Vital Vio and Nanoly, and collectively have raised over $600mm to push industries forward.

Today, Kairos is about finding the most innovative designers, engineers, scientists, and business students from around the world and focusing them on rethinking traditional industries through entrepreneurship.

We’re addicted to potential and obsess over the things that will make the future. The Talent. The Ideas. The Businesses. The constant exploration of what could be.

Focusing the next generation on today’s biggest challenges

We believe the brightest young minds have the potential to innovate in areas where old industries and governments have failed. As a first step, we work tirelessly alongside our community to tap our world’s future leaders and immerse them in a network of likeminded peers (the Kairos Fellowship).

When a young innovator takes the leap to build a company, we have a stage for them to share their venture with the world (the Kairos 50). And when a company starts to break out, we put our money where our mouth is with funding (Kairos Fund).