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Catching up with the K50 in South America

Transforming Latin America with innovative startups

Fresh off the heels of the LatAm Summit in Monterrey, Mexico last month, Kairos is thrilled to have such a robust portfolio from across LatAm's most dynamic economies. We're very committed to supporting and growing the entrepreneurial communities from Colombia to Chile, Argentina to Mexico.
Biomedical Innovation | Xalapa, Mexico
Using biotech to improve female intimate health
Biomedical Innovation has developed V Confident--a system that keeps track and evaluates female intimate health, providing security and confidence to women. V Confident improves a woman's quality of life with a comfortable, safely non-invasive, and affordable diagnosis test for vaginal infections. It adds value to products like pantyliners, vaginal creams and soaps. Biomedical Innovation has the potential to make a large impact at the global level.
"In Mexico, preventive health and gynecological care is often limited by lack of resources, pain or discomfort. My team wants to fight the number of incidences of gynecological and oncological diseases not detected early."
Mi Águila | Bogotá, Colombia
Rethinking transportation in Latin America
Mi Aguila uses mobile software to provide transportation services to individuals as well as enterprise clients throughout Latin America. Mi Aguila's mobile app allows for a safe, reliable and efficient transportation alternative. It is the only service in Colombia that has approval from the Ministry of Transportation.
"As a Colombian start-up, we're limited by the shortcomings of a nascent entrepreneurial ecosystem in LatAm. Our biggest challenge is attracting and getting access to top global partners, investors and advisors. Kairos empowers us to overcome the disadvantages that come with being a Latin American start-up."
Trimaker | Buenos Aires, Argentina
Improving efficiency of hardware and materials manufacturing
Trimaker is advancing the production process through the development of 3D printed hardware, materials and other heavy-industry-standard solutions. Trimaker has been involved in digital manufacturing to commercialize hardware and materials to drastically disrupt current heavy industry standards.
"3D printing is a beautiful incredible technology. Our challenge is to show that current hardware and software is good enough for transforming manufacturing as we now it. We have to prove traditional industries that we young Latin-American nerds can rock their world, have more impact and improve their businesses."
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