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Dutch Fellows stand out in 2015 K50

Kairos Society Netherlands continues to produce talented young entrepreneurs

As one of the oldest Kairos Regions, we’ve only come to expect great things from our community in the Netherlands. This year's contribution to the K50 is just another example of how powerful a network of young entrepreneurs can be in helping each other succeed.

Adjuvo Motion | Delft
Using robotics to rethink rehabilitation
Adjuvo Motion develops technology solutions for the rehabilitation of patients with an upper limb paralysis as a result of stroke. Adjuvo is focused on solving a tremendous problem: the limited treatment of stroke patients. Adjuvo Motion offers a combination of a patented robotic brace and an e-health service developed for home rehabilitation. This unique combination of services ensures that stroke patients are treated at home with the same care as they would receive in specialized rehabilitation clinic.
"The best advice is to partner in early stages with your end customers. Although we have a complex product we have learned so much from all of the doctors, therapists, and patients we have talked to."
Dutch UAS | Delft
Saving earth's resources, one drone at a time
Dutch UAS enables individuals to monitor natural resources through aerial imagery and computer vision. The company's technology addresses the inefficient, expensive and unreliable forms of conservation efforts currently in practice, and provides a scalable solution to monitoring the earth.
"Dutch UAS is combining Drones and Artificial Intelligence, two technologies that will keep on revolutionizing markets in the upcoming decades. The biggest challenge of these technologies is dealing with the constantly changing legislation of governments and demands of society."
Printr | Enschede
Opening the doors to 3D printing for all
Printr is a 3D printing startup that offers easy 3D printing solutions for customers, designers and printers. Our platform can be used as a marketplace, a 3D print rent service, a 3D print delivery service and a remote 3D printer control dashboard.
"Your network is your networth! The most valuable asset in starting a business is your network. Make sure you establish and keep expanding your network and use it to the fullest."
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