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Introducing our East Coast K50 Companies

Abaris | New York 
Abaris allows individuals to purchase longevity insurance online. Longevity insurance is a type of financial product that mimics the way Social Security works. You purchase an order to protect against the risk of outliving your money, which today is the #1 concern for pre-retirees. For the first time ever, these products will be available for purchase inside a 401(k) or IRA and Abaris is the only place where people can get a complete view of the market.
"We are creating an entire category: tech-enabled financial advice specifically for near-retirees. This is where most wealth exists today, and there’s a massive amount of inefficiency that we are solving through technology.The opportunities we see are massive."
BioBots | Philadelphia 
BioBots builds 3D bioprinters and bioinks. The company has developed a high resolution desktop 3D bioprinter that builds functional three dimensional living tissue. This low-cost, desktop bioprinter, gives big and small companies or institutions (such as university research labs), a chance to develop 3D organ models with human cells in their own lab.
"We are exploring the greatest mystery of our generation - life. We are building tools to engineer biology and design living systems with the goal of curing disease, eliminating the organ waiting list, reverting climate change and pushing humans to other planets."
Biomiic | Cambridge 
Biomiic is a fast and accurate microbial fingerprinting service for the masses. Biomiic utilizes high-throughput metagenomic (shotgun) sequencing to deliver high-dimensional, high-coverage genomic information about bacteria and viruses present in clinical, environmental, and agricultural samples.
"Our biggest challenge is being laser-focused on building a product that people want to use. We strive to be people-driven, rather than technology or science-driven. Our team members are scientists by nature and training. Paradoxically, sometimes knowledge and curiosity get in the way of execution."
Fever Smart | Philadelphia 
Fever Smart has developed technology that measures temperature continuously and remotely, as well as track temperature trends over time. A "Brain Unit" monitors body temperature and transmits data in real-time through a nano-bluetooth chip to a Relay Unit, which then sends the temperature data to Fever Smart’s servers. Using a smart phone or any Internet-connected device, a Fever Smart user, be it a parent or healthcare provider, can constantly monitor the patient’s temperature in real time and even receive alerts when the temperature begins to rise or reaches unsafe levels. Patients will build important personal temperature data sets that can be used to track trends over time.
"Unlike traditional thermometers, Fever Smart is a non-invasive wearable that lets you track temperature in real time. Instead of taking single readings, which only provide a snapshot of your health, Fever Smart monitors temperature continuously and lets you receive alerts when your temperature starts to rise to an unsafe level."
GlucoIQ | New York
GlucoIQ seamlessly collects data from a wireless glucometer and uses an advanced analytics system to help clincians identify significant trends in patient glucose readings. GlucoIQ helps practices stratify patients and identify those that are high-risk, enabling clinicians to triage those who need the most support.
"Healthcare is an industry with many stakeholders and often misaligned incentives. A product’s buyer may differ from the end-user (for example, a health insurance company might purchase a product that patients will use). Building GlucoIQ to cater to the diverse needs of patients, providers, and payers has been our focus."
NannoFood | Philadelphia 
Nannofood seeks to provide natural, healthy food to people all across the globe by utilizing the health benefits present in phytoplankton. Nannofood has developed a formula to use phytoplankton in powdered supplements to greatly increase the nutritional value of pre-existing food sources in areas like the US. By setting up sustainable plankton and rice farms within villages in undernourished areas of world, food can be provided to thousands of people a day using a single farm.
"The first challenge is convincing people that algae is nutritious and to incorporate it into their normal diets. The second major challenge is convincing consumers and investors that a young entrepreneur who doesn't have a degree can tackle a problem as large and complex as world hunger."
Proscia | Baltimore 
Proscia is a digital health company focused on bringing image analysis and big data capabilities to pathology. Proscia developed the Pathology Cloud platform which provides infrastructure and informatics for organizations working with whole slide images. Pathology Cloud provides the backbone for modules that augment the digitized pathology workflow, end-to-end. These verticals include telepathology solutions that facilitate remote case consults and real-time collaboration between pathologists, image analysis tools that extract massive amounts of information from digital biopsies, and a pipeline of machine learning-driven capabilities that allow for standardized analysis of tissue and help eliminate subjectivity in diagnosis.
"Digitizing pathology has injected a much needed technology boost to a field of medicine abandoned by decades of computer innovations. Our biggest challenge is to fight through opinions and perspectives of those reluctant to embrace change."
Sky Mutual  | Philadelphia 
Sky Mutual aims to help the world's economy adapt to climate change. The company combines big data, climatology, and proprietary pricing models to protect companies and institutions from financial losses caused by unfavorable weather conditions. We partner with first tier insurance and reinsurance companies to deliver this powerful solution to weather and climate risk. Our products pay out automatically as the weather occurs, eliminating the claims process entirely.
"Weather affects most economic sectors, so one challenge we face is that of focus: how do you create a market for a risk transfer that scales across industries and geographies? We've started with the North American ski industry, but ours is a global problem in need of global solutions."
Trinity Mobile Networks | New Haven
Trinity Mobile Networks is building self-organizing network software that increases the capacity, speed, and coverage of wireless networks. The system makes use of unlicensed and licensed spectrum to increase the capacity of wireless networks through a software-only solution and, because they have developed the software, their services can be deployed and increase the capacity of networks in a matter of hours.
"We’re disruptive because we can provide faster, cheaper, and more widespread wireless connectivity with a software-only solution. People simply need to install our app and let it run in the background to see faster service and lower wireless bills."
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