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Holding things down in the Midwest

Introducing K50 companies Cosmos Labs and Contact CI

Contact CI | Chicago
Contact CI seeks to push the limits of computer interaction through personal, affordable and immersive experiences. Contact CI is harmonizing the way people interact with computers by creating innovative devices that simplify the interaction between user and computer, pushing us toward a future where the keyboard and mouse are obsolete and the computer experience is intuitive.
"Some of the most influential advice we have gotten is from Josh Farkas, CEO of cubicle ninjas. He said while our glove has alot of amazing uses he encouraged us to focus on some core use cases for specific customers rather going after the whole VR developer community right away."
Cosmos Labs | Detroit
Cosmos Labs enables per-app daily pricing for the 63 million Americans that are without a smartphone and priced out of prepaid options. The product puts access to entertainment, media, education, community, and finance tools in new hands. With Cosmos, the entire experience of purchasing "access to an app for the day" (buying internet that supports that app) is baked into the core Android interface.
The biggest challenge: "The telecom industry is extremely slow moving. Sales cycles are very long, and the network technologies are archaic."
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