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Introducing this year's Asia-Pacific K50 companies

Kairos ASEAN community continues to grow

The Kairos ASEAN Region started when Kairos Fellows, Jian Min Sim and Lujie Chen, saw the power of Kairos while studying away from their home nation of Singapore and felt compelled to build our community there when they returned in 2013. Our ASEAN region now spans across seven countries, and includes dozens of the best young entrepreneurs across Southeast Asia. This cohort of K50 companies is a great example of the strength of the network and talent.

Rumarocket | Hong Kong
Improving talent management 
Rumarocket uses a multi-layered artificial neural network that makes conclusions, such as a company’s best hires or employee/employer performance predictions, based on multiple sources of data. The system uses automation and data integration to save companies up to 30% on their recruitment costs, and increases employee retention by an average of 8% over 6 months through data-driven predictions that determine which individuals have the best skills and character traits to be productive and effective at their jobs.
"We're linking the hiring and talent management process through a machine learning system to answer two questions: 'does the criteria used in hiring translate to better, more productive employees?' and 'how can companies hire and retain the right people better? The system is a more scientific approach to HR."
Sensable Dynamics | Hong Kong
Using garment technology to make better athletes
Sensable Dynamics develops smart garment technology for athletic training, injury recovery and prevention made effective on a personalized and gamified platform. Their first product, FITKICK™, is a smart ankle sleeve with bio-mechanical trackers embedded seamlessly into the fabric which continuously motion captures the athletes lower body. FITKICK™ is currently in development, and will be soon in trials with professional sports teams. 
"Creating a product that is engaging, challenging, dynamic and convenient at the same time, which can get people actively into sports and fitness lifestyle. The latest technology in the form of fitness trackers have been discarded as nothing close to a solution. We have to do at least 10X better."
Sonikure | Hong Kong
The end of invasive needles for eye surgury
SonikureTechnology is a completely non-invasive technology, using low frequency, low intensity ultrasound so that patients can avoid invasive needle injections. Intravitreal injection, a commonly adopted treatment method, is highly invasive and is known to induce serious side effects to patients after repeated injection treatment. Sonikure's technology stimulates the cells in the eyeball to take up the drugs and deliver them to the back of the eye.
"Our novel ultrasound technology is developed based on 6+ years of research, with recognition from ophthalmologists around the world. We know the mechanisms and secrets that makes our technology feasible for eye treatments. Also, we are the pioneer, if not the first, that have demonstrated success in live animal studies."
SourceSage | Singapore
Improving B2B trading
SourceSage's mobile app offers a fast, simple and flexible platform for users to post buying and selling requests, get real-time updates from market information and past quotes, and offer quotes and inquiries. The target audiences are freight forwarders, distributors and traders who trade products in the fields of oleochemicals, specialty chemicals, oil & gas, petrochemicals, pharmaceuticals, biochemicals, mineral fuels, agriculture & food.
"Our product is the first of its kind in incorporating messaging, data, and marketplace, into commodities trading process. With the aim of becoming the trading platform for commodities, this will completely disrupt how trading is traditionally done via email/phone and make SourceSage the broker in physical commodities and goods."
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