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K50 are pouring in from Canada

Six companies changing the world from Canada

The Kairos Canada Region has been a breeding ground for brilliant entrepreneurs, including past K50 companies Medella Health,, and Lightbot. This year, 12% of our total K50 class is from Canada! Check 'em out:
Bionik Laboratories | Toronto
Rethinking rehabilitation
Bionik Laboratories is a medical device company developing transformational robotic rehabilitation technologies. Bionik focuses on reinventing and advancing the standards of biomechatronics, and developing innovative technologies that redefine rehabilitation for patients with restricted physical mobility. The company’s lead program, ARKE, is a lower body, robotic exoskeleton that allows patients with mobility impairments the ability to walk. Currently in clinical development, ARKE will initially be used in a rehabilitation environment, with the goal of being made available for home use.
"We are attempting to change the standard of care in many areas of healthcare through technology. This makes us very disruptive. We are potentially going against what many healthcare professionals have been taught and implementing something new."
Exvivo Labs | Waterloo
Making allergy testing safe, simple and certain.
ExVivo Labs is developing non-invasive skin-patch technologies to test for people’s allergies. The patch will be the “home pregnancy test” for allergies, allowing patients to visit their local pharmacies and get a convenient read-out of their condition. ExVivo's product allows individuals to obtain their allergic-status more conveniently, which will help prevent accidental exposures leading to severe allergic reactions, and encourage individuals to seek consultations with specialists to bridge the gap between the healthcare system and allergy sufferers.
"A science company requires a large sum of capital to bring its medical devices to the market and meet all the regulatory guidelines. As young entrepreneur[s], we have to learn the ins and outs of our industry in a short period of time, and stay current with the newest advances."
EyeCheck | Kitchener
Getting a retinoscopy will never be the same
EyeCheck's handheld vision screening tool automates retinoscopy. The technology allows anyone, anywhere to provide an eyeglasses prescription. Later generations of their technology will detect eye problems like cataracts, glaucoma, and cardiovascular disease. EyeCheck was designed with the intention of scaling throughout the world, to bring objectivity, speed and mobility to a process that hasn’t been changed in decades.
"EyeCheck is reinventing the gold standard vision screening tool and automating it so anyone, anywhere will be able to provide an eyeglass prescription. We are building a handheld vision screening tool and a smartphone app. Later generations of our technology will detect problems such as cataracts and cardiovascular disease."
FREDsense Technologies | Calgary
Curious about what's in your water?
FREDsense Technologies has designed an autonomous biosensor alternative that is cheaper, on-site and lets you know exactly what’s in your water in real time, reducing the risk of major events. FREDsense Technologies is rethinking water quality monitoring, moving it out of the analytical lab and into anyone's hands.
"The best advice I got was from an employee who said to constantly ask yourself ‘who do I need to thank?’ Building a network of people who can help you is critical, and the best way to sustain these relationships is to remember to thank those who help you succeed."
Suncayr | Waterloo
Worried that your sunscreen isn't protecting you?
Suncayr is making sun safety simplified with a UV responsive marker that indicates when sunscreen is no longer protecting you through a simple colour change. The ink is drawn directly onto your skin, and then you apply sunscreen overtop. If your sunscreen is no longer blocking UV light, the picture that you drew immediately changes colour. Once the marker changes colour, users have immediate knowledge of the change in their UV protection, and can take action to fix it. Suncayr gives you personalized knowledge of your protection from UV, so you can safely enjoy the sun!
"The Suncayr marker offers a completely different way of determining your skin’s protection from damaging UV rays. A lot of people do not use enough sunscreen and are unnecessarily putting themselves at risk for skin cancer. Our product will drastically change the way that we use sunscreen."
Voltera | Waterloo
Electronics development made faster
Voltera’s circuit board printer enables hardware designers to cut development time from months to days. Methods for creating the circuit boards has remained virtually unchanged in almost 40 years. Just like software development, well designed hardware takes many iterations to build. Unlike software however, there is no ‘compile’ button to immediately test results. Voltera's product lays down a conductive ink to create the traces and an insulating ink as a mask between layers. These boards aren't meant to replace mass manufactured PCBs - it is a prototyping tool that helps you get there faster. Voltera’s circuit board printer allows designers to go from concept to creation more quickly than ever before.
"As with any hardware business, manufacturing and distribution are always challenges. Fortunately, we have phenomenal mentors to guide us and have spent the past year in China working with our factories. Starting a company can be exhausting but our amazing customers always keep us focused and motivated!"
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