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Kairos Community Updates from Around the World

August Community News

Things for the Kairos Community have not slowed down even a little bit this summer. Below are a few updates on all of the exciting things that our community has been working on over the last month.

Community Opportunities  ​

Kairos Fellows Chris Pruijsen and Magnus Peterson-Paaske founded Amplion and an incredibly ambitious project, Startup Bus Africa. Startup Bus Africa (team pictured on the right) goes through different regions on the continent helping people build companies along the way. Applications are now open to be involved for their trips coming up in 2015.

Interested Fellows are encouraged to apply here.

Kairos South Africa

Two South African Kairos Fellows, Lizo Rensburg and Velani Mboweni, launched Phambili Mzansi IGC. Phambili Mzansi - which means "Forward South Africa" - has a multitude of platforms, beginning with an inaugural Indaba (Conference) on 23 November in Johannesburg. From this conference, Phambili Mzansi will fund 20 new ventures (business and social) from its Angel Networks, as well as create 10 new ventures that address socio-economic issues from a range of 10 different topics including Women Empowerment, Energy, Education, Environment, Business & Economy, Governance & Leadership.

Click here to find out more and see how you can get involved. 

Kairos Brazil

Fellow Victor Maristane is a finalist for "A Story to Tell," a contest promoted by World Merit. He developed a webgame called "School or Prison” which poses a big question, how can you make prisons look more like schools? The focus on education is important to consider for those who are incarcerated.

Learn more

Kairos Hong Kong

Snapask, a K50 2014 company founded by Fellow Bradley Chiang (pictured left with his team) recently raised $1.8 Million in a Series A to build out their platform for mobile tutoring services. The team is using the funds to further expansion across Asia and setting themselves up to catch a bigger round in the next year or so.

Take a look at some of the press coverage here.

“2 Billion Under 20” Book

Kairos NY Fellow Stacey Ferreira worked with a number of people in our community to put together a book focused on the young people that aren’t letting age be a barrier to changing the world. Kairos Ghana Fellow Emmanuel Nyame was one of over 70 young changemakers who were featured in the book with anecdotes on how age didn’t restrict them from thinking big.

For more information on the book, check it out here

Do you have business updates about your company or Kairos Region? Share your news with us by filling out this form! We're always looking to share your news via this blog, the email newsletter and social media.

Thanks from HQ!

Doug Gould, Community  

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