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Make room for Europe's brightest young entrepreneurs

A closer look into K50 companies changing the world from Europe

DRONAMICS | Sophia, Bulgaria
Cargo transport will never be the same
Dronamics is building the most fuel efficient cargo aircraft in the world. Their fleet is entirely unmanned, can carry ~770 lbs (350 kg) over 1,500 miles (~2,500 km) and costs a fraction of the price of cargo, military and any other type of aircraft. Dronamics' cargo can enable delivery to remote places as well as same-day international delivery. Founded by the Rangelov brothers, Dronamics also counts among its team members some of the foremost professionals in aerospace engineering in the Netherlands.
"We're building something on a scale that only defense companies have been able to build, for a fraction of their budget. So unlike mobile apps, our young age doesn't help with first impressions. Still, once they dive deep, everyone who knows what they're talking about leaves the room really impressed."
Erghis | Malmo, Sweden
Making complex interaction intuitive 
Erghis Technologies develops a universal UI for touchless interaction. The patent-pending software converts input from leading 3D cameras to a common framework of pre-defined gestures, designed to make it easy for users to perform complex tasks. Erghis aims to not only solve the interaction gap in specific sectors such as health care and digital signage, but to be in the forefront of defining how we interact with technology in our everyday lives.
"As human-computer-interaction moves from the 2D surface of keyboards and touch-screens to 3D, one has to rethink interface design. As opposed to following old swipe/point paradigms, Erghis offers a hardware agnostic UI based on an imaginary sphere, which solves the burning issue of 'making complex interaction intuitive and accessible.'" | London, UK
Data-driven payment release
With the API, trade finance banks can automate payment release on open account terms, while retaining control of funds. handles the release of payment using a 2-of-2 multi-signature smart contract, built on blockchain technology.
"Gazebo disrupts legacy financial software providers, such as SAP & Bolero, through blockchain technology. With a smart contract on the blockchain, Gazebo encodes and automates bank processes. As a result, inefficiencies from 20+ year old software are eliminated."
Leka | Paris, France
A new approach to early learning
Leka has worked to develop their flagship product, Moti, an EdTech hardware for early-stage child development that they believe will improve learning for children around the world. Moti is a spherical robotic smart toy, able to move around, change colors, play music and talk to the child to attract his/her attention. It is also able to analyze the child's interaction and alter its behavior to respond to expressed needs. 
"We are using smart toys, robotics, artificial intelligence, big data and IoT to achieve our goal. We are building the cutest and most friendly robot ever created, that every children will love! It will be able to learn from the child's interaction, get to know him and adapt its behaviours."
Stampery | Madrid, Spain
Cybersecurity using blockchain technology
Stampery enables users to certify the existence, integrity and ownership of any file or communication using the bitcoin blockchain. All the proofs generated by Stampery are automatically generated, impossible to modify, damage or destroy and valid globally--forever--even if Stampery disappears. Stampery's customers are already using our product to notarize all kinds of digital transactions to generate audit trails, to establish ownership of digital assets and to protect their intellectual property.
"We use the blockchain to create proofs of existence, integrity and ownership. They are legally binding worldwide, accessible for anyone, cheaper and universal. We also created a solution to overcome the hard limit of 7 transaction per second that the blockchain has, raising it up to billions."
Verse | Barcelona, Spain
Simplifying the digital wallet
Verse has developed a digital wallet enabling individuals to immediately pay and request money from friends for international remmittance payments. International remittances typically include hidden fees, shortage of options and time delays, which prevent loved ones from supporting their families in their home countries. Using the blockchain and Bitcoin technology, Verse helps people save money and time on foreign payments.
“Build a team that is so talented that they make you slightly uncomfortable, because you know you have to raise your game to be with them.” -Brian Chesky, Airbnb 
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