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Media Coverage of the 2015 Kairos Global Summit

Our media partner, Popular Science, took over the Kairos Global Summit to produce several video interviews and post-event coverage of the prize winners. They interviewed Knox, BioBots, Voltera, Nannofood, and Grubbly Farms. 
From their exclusive K50 announcement, to the post-Summit piece, check out Inc. Magazine's coverage of Kairos:
Media outlet Business Rockstars spent the whole day with us at the 7th annual Kairos Global Summit and captured several in-depth interviews, including: Tim Draper, DRONAMICS, BioBots, Fever Smart, Erghis and Grubbly Farms. View the Tim Draper interview below, and visit Business Rockstars for their full library of interviews.
Obvious Ventures co-founder, James Joaquin, writes about his experience partnering with Kairos to award the inaugural #worldpositive prize and how he and Ev Williams picked their winner, ChemiSense.
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