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Meet the 2015 K50

Here's a quick hit list of our 2015 K50 companies. We'll publish more detailed profiles in the coming days!

"50 emerging global entrepreneurs to watch in 2015"
This year over 500 early stage ventures, from almost 50 countries and across 30 industries applied for the opportunity to collaborate with today’s leading corporations and investors. The Kairos 50 companies represent the next generation of entrepreneurs making breakthroughs in the areas of biotech, education, agriculture, mobile, cleantech, healthcare, and more.
All of the K50 companies will demo at this year's Kairos Global Summit on October 13th in Los Angeles. There are still a few tickets available!
New York, NY
Complete online marketplace for privatized social security products for purchase within 401(k).
Delft, Netherlands
Patented robotic brace and an e-health service for at-home rehabilitation.
San Mateo, CA
Mobile app that transcribes conversations to empower the hearing-impaired.
Philadelphia, PA
Low-cost 3D bioprinter and bioink to create organ models with human cells. 
Xalapa, Mexico
Biotech and mobile app solution to track and evaluate female intimate health.
Durham, NC
Wearable biometric sensor to track and optimize athletic performance.
Boston, MA
Software to streamline and sequence genomic information about 
microbial samples. 
Toronto, Canada
Robotic rehabilitation technologies for patients with restricted physical mobility.
Berkeley, CA
Sensor and software solution to improve cost and efficiency of air quality monitoring.
San Francisco, CA
Teaching coding with web-based curriculum, 
teacher tools, and teacher training.
Chicago, IL
A haptic technology for the control of virtual reality environments.
Detroit, MI
Mobile solution that generates app-based pricing for low-income customers.
Santa Clara, CA
On-demand mobile app that allows truckers and carriers to book leads, manage BOL’s, and receive funds.
Sophia, Bulgaria
Cargo drones optimized for heavy payloads and long ranges; for commercial and special-use delivery.
Amsterdam, Netherlands
Spectral imaging for drone monitoring of large land masses.
Malmo, Sweden
Augmented reality software that creates a universal UI for touch-less interaction.
Waterloo, Canada
A skin patch technology to make allergy testing safe, simple, and certain.
Kitchener, Canada
Handheld vision screening hardware and software that automates retinoscopy.
Durham, NC
A platform for delivering and processing multispectral satellite images for the agricultural industry.
Philadelphia, PA
A smart thermometer connected to a mobile device to track real-time temperature trends.
San Francisco, CA
An online platform to book and manage the international supply chain for businesses.
San Francisco, CA
Software to optimize corporate open sourclicense management and compliance. 
Calgary, Canada
Biosensors to detect water contaminants.
London, UK
Software leveraging blockchain technology for data-driven payment release.
New York, NY
Software platform to track and monitor diabetic patient data. 
Norcross, GA
A new source of protein for livestock, poultry, and fish farms sourced from black soldier fly larvae.
Los Angeles, CA
Platform for low-skilled laborers to find on-demand jobs.
San Francisco, CA
Hardware-software solution to monitor asthma patients’ lung health.
Berkeley, CA
Enterprise cyber-security solution to analyze datasets and make them anonymous. 
Paris, France
Interactive ed-tech hardware for early-stage child development.
Los Angeles, CA
Indoor farming technology to grow high-quality sustainable produce. 
Bogota, Colombia
Mobile platform for booking and reporting taxi services, targeted at enterprises in Latin America.
Philadelphia, PA
Fighting global malnutrition by using phytoplankton as a sustainable and renewable food source. 
Enschede, Netherlands
Easy-to-use hardware and software interface to improve accessibility of 3D printing.
Baltimore, MD
Cloud bioinformatics for enhanced cancer analytics.
Hong Kong
Artificial intelligence for hiring and talent management.
Bulawayo, Zimbabwe
Enterprise technology that makes wireless networks perform faster.
Smart garment technology for athletic training, recovery and injury prevention.
Mountain View, CA
A platform for warehouses that uses algorithmic tools to improve shipping logistics.
Philadelphia, PA
Data-driven insurance solution to protect companies from the risk of climate change.


Hong Kong

Non-invasive drug delivery inside the eyeball using ultrasound. 
Mobile application for B2B trading. 
Los Angeles, CA
Visual information sharing tool for mobile intelligence for law enforcement agencies.
Madrid, Spain
Blockchain to generate reliable and counterfeit-free proof of ownership, existence and integrity.
Waterloo, Canada
UV-responsive marker that indicates when sunscreen is no longer effective.
Buenos Aires, Argentina
Advanced 3D printed supplies to improve efficiency of hardware and materials manufacturing.
Self-organizing network software that increases the capacity, speed, and coverage of wireless networks.
Barcelona, Spain
Digital wallet that facilitates international remittance payments.
Waterloo, Canada
Electronics development made faster.
Houston, TX
Advanced water filtration solution.
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