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Obvious Ventures Picks the Inaugural #worldpositive Prize Winner at the Kairos Global Summit

Co-founder, James Joaquin, describes how he and Ev Williams picked the #worldpositive winner.

(Excerpted from James Joaquin's post on Medium)
And the Winner Is…
On Tuesday October 13th, the Obvious Ventures team headed to Los Angeles for the 2015 Kairos Summit: an amazing gathering of fifty teams of young entrepreneurs working on startups purpose-built to solve big global problems.

When we first connected with the team at Kairos, we instantly knew that we were mission and values aligned. That early love-fest led to a crazy idea: let’s create a #worldpositive prize — a $50K investment — for one Kairos startup that best fits our investment criteria at Obvious; a company building a disruptive solution to a systemic challenge.

Read more about how James and his team picked their finalist at his post on Medium.
Will Hubbard and Brian Kim, co-founders, ChemiSense. Learn more about the company here.
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