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Shaking things up in the South

Our cohort of Southern-based K50 companies

BioMetrix | Durham, NC
BioMetrix has developed the first completely wearable mobile motion capture platform; paring high tech motion capture with innovative user feedback in a revolutionary new solution to improve recovery outcomes. The tool is designed to highlight asymmetries, instabilities and weaknesses in a user's form to allow athletes, training, coaching, and strength conditioning staff to address injury risk factors before they cause an athlete to lose days of gameplay. BioMetrix's product can detect form abnormalities before they cause injury or quantify the progress of rehabilitation from anywhere. 
"BioMetrix is leapfrogging current technologies and methods in training and physical therapy; bringing a new level of flexibility, versatility, and insight to how injury and rehab is handled, prevented, and improved."
FarmShots | Durham, NC
FarmShots provides an API for delivering and processing multispectral satellite images for the agricultural industry. Using satellite imagery, FarmShots can generate prescriptive maps of farms telling farmers not only where issues lie, but how to fix them to improve yield and reduce input cost. Targeted application results in reducing the necessary volume of pesticide, fungicide, herbicide, and fertilizer, saving farmers money and increasing their profit per acre.
"FarmShots compiles imagery from every possible source- satellites, manned aircraft, and UAVs, and uses it to detect problems on a farm. This allows for a consistent monitoring of any plot of land, anywhere in the world."
Grubbly Farms | Norcross, GA
Grubbly Farms is feeding the future through sustainable protein. They are developing a new source of protein for livestock, poultry, and fish farms by raising black soldier fly larvae off of various streams of organic waste. The larvae are then harvested and processed into a rich protein powder used in animal feed. Their protein can be grown more densely and uses far less resources than soy. In addition to protein, the process produces a natural nutrient rich fertilizer which can be used in vegetable farming and an oil which can be used as a bio-fuel. In the future, Grubbly Farms will be able to extract chitins from the insect's exoskeleton, which has applications in the medical, cosmetic, water treatment, food, and biotechnology industry.
"Grubbly Farms is disrupting the entire food industry by utilizing the waste produced in food production by recycling it into high value proteins, oils, and fertilizers. Utilizing insects on a large scale, Grubbly Farms provides a more sustainable solution to meet our increasing demand of protein than current farming methods."
Wavve Stream | Houston, TX
Wavve Stream uses nanotechnology coating and hydrogel bead technology to enhance the contaminant removal capabilities of existing water filter products. These technologies help existing water filter companies provide a safer level of clean water for both industrial applications and the general public. Because they are customizable, The water filter companies can remove contaminants that are specific to areas of the world, thereby expanding their reach on a global scale.
"WAVVE’s biggest challenge so far has been in supporting product development by procuring enough capital and experienced scientists. WAVVE’s science department consists of one Ph.D. Chemical Engineer and one Ph.D. Material Chemist who develop the technology and have received grant funding through NSF I-Corps Program as well as institutional awards."
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