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Lisa Barnett

Co-Founder & CMO / Little Spoon

Rethinking cancer detection

Riley Ennis, Freenome, K50'13

Rethinking government transparency

Tim Hwang, FiscalNote, K50'14

“Kairos trancends [international] boundaries because in our independent world, there are no borders when it comes to the pressing issues that we face.”

Bill Clinton 42nd President of the United States

“Some of the world’s most influential leaders - individuals and corporations alike - are looking for Kairos Fellows for a fresh perspective on how to tackle the next generation of global problems.”

Sir Richard Branson CEO, Virgin Group

Our Companies

We build and fund companies to tackle problems worth solving. We focus on areas where outdated industries and governments are failing to meet our communities needs

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Residenz is solving the affordable housing crisis in urban areas across the US.
50 countries
100 universities

Our People

We are a global community of Fellows, Founders & Advisors that work together to identify society’s most pressing challenges and search the world for the promising young founders who can solve them.

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