We bring together young entrepreneurs who are solving significant problems with corporations, influencers, and strategic investors.


    Kairos knows that it takes a peer network and a long-term commitment to help young founders grow and succeed. Since 2008, our global community has supported each other in building high impact companies, and our leadership has amplified that effort by providing exposure and investor introductions.

    We identify, qualify, connect, and empower young entrepreneurs who are building scalable solutions to the world's most complex problems.

    Each year we select 50 of the most promising startups from all over the world for the Kairos 50. At least one founder must be 25 or younger with a product that is market-ready.

    The Kairos Society global network spans campus chapters and international city centers.

    An official Region is led by volunteer Regional Presidents and Executives who bring together entrepreneurs, mentors, city and corporate partners.

    Kairos partners with venture capitalists, angel investors, corporations, and forward-thinking business leaders.

    We discover and vet early-stage startups who are disrupting industries from biotech to education, enterprise to logistics.


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  • We support incredible young entrepreneurs solving significant challenges.

    Colleen Costello, Co-founder, Vital Vio

    K50 '14

    Vital Vio created a revolutionary replacement for standard overhead lighting that provides safe, active and continuous disinfection through visible white light.


    K50 '13

    Artificial intelligence for enterprise (Finalist, TechCrunch Disrupt 2015)

    Tim Hwang, Founder, FiscalNote

    K50 '14

    FiscalNote is a platform for real-time open data analysis that aggregates, analyzes, and forecasts legal data. Voted as one of CNN’s Top 10 Most Innovative Startups of 2014, they are working to create a legal system that is transparent and predictable using artificial intelligence and machine learning. Recent Series B funding.

    William Zhou, Founder, Chalk.com

    K50 '14

    Chalk.com is a suite of productivity apps for K12 teachers. Used by over 100,000 teachers, Chalk.com solves the problems of lesson-planning, assessments, and collaboration all designed with the teacher in mind. William was featured in the 2015 Forbes 30 Under 30.

  • Meet the Kairos Community

    Get to know our K50 alumni companies, Regional Executives, Fellows and Mentors.

    Wiivv Wearables (K50 '14)

    Wiivv is a revolutionary product—-their 3D-printed insoles are personalized for each user’s foot, with a built-in sensor to track posture and movement. It’s a development that can improve both human wellness and performance.

    LV, co-founder (pictured right): "Kairos expands the values of peer mentorship. It’s a lot of seasoned entrepreneurs, although young, who are driven and want to accomplish great things --- and they’re willing the help you to get there."

    Cortex Composites (K50 '13)

    The world's first rollable concrete. Roll it out, pour water on it, and watch it turn into roads, dams, and other forms of vital infrastructure.

    Curren Krasnoff, Founder: “Kairos has helped us make connections that resulted in real business outcomes: over $12M in international contracts, projects that will build infrastructure in Africa and Colombia. Kairos provided access to these incredible opportunities.”

    Desmond Choi

    Regional President, Canada Kairos Region

    Desmond is the founder of United International Entrepreneurs Group, non-profit organization aimed to raise awareness about the social impact of everyday business decisions. During the last four years, he started the United Social Entrepreneurship Conference, which promotes social responsibility among top students and young entrepreneurs in Zimbabwe, Canada, United Kingdom and Hong Kong.

    Lech Bakhuizen van den Brink

    Regional President, Dutch Kairos Region

    Formerly the co-founder of two companies in the Netherlands, today Lech empowers young entrepreneurs to solve the world's greatest problems as the Regional President of the Dutch Kairos Society chapter, and advises startups on marketing, sales & strategy.

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