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Rethinking cancer detection

Riley Ennis, Freenome, K50'13

Rethinking bacteria prevention

Colleen Costello, Vital Vio, K50'14

Rethinking government transparency

Tim Hwang, FiscalNote, K50'14

“Kairos trancends [international] boundaries because in our independent world, there are no borders when it comes to the pressing issues that we face.”

Bill Clinton 42nd President of the United States

“By putting me on the right stages in front of the right audiences, Kairos has helped me bring on new investors, meet trusted advisors, and travel all over the world to share my vision.”

Nanxi Lui Co-Founder, Nanoly and Enplug

“Some of the world’s most influential leaders - individuals and corporations alike - are looking for Kairos Fellows for a fresh perspective on how to tackle the next generation of global problems.”

Sir Richard Branson CEO, Virgin Group

1. Kairos Global Fellowship

Each year, the Kairos Society selects standout entrepreneurial students to join its Fellowship.

While the process is highly selective, students who are chosen as fellows become part of a community of peers who are already shaping the world.

50+ Countries
100+ Universities

Kairos Fellows Include:

Neil Parikh
Kairos Fellow ’12, Co-Founder & COO of Casper
Nanxi Liu
Kairos Fellow ’13, Co-Founder & COO of Nanoly
Tim Hwang
Kairos Fellow '14, Co-Founder & CEO of FiscalNote
Caroline Pugh
Kairos Fellow ’13, Chief of Staff at Nav Health
  • Co-founded WaterWalla, bringing clean water to urban slums
  • Studied medicine and biotech at Brown
  • Co-founded Casper, which reinvented the mattress and raised a Series B
  • Classical pianist & former Miss Oakland
  • CEO of digital display creator Enplug
  • Co-Founder of Nanoly, which enables vaccines to survive w/o refrigeration
  • Elected to his county’s Board of Education at age 17
  • Created advocacy group representing 750,000 youth
  • Currently leads team of over 200 people & raised Series C
  • Co-founded 3D human modeling company VirtualU
  • Serves on Virginia’s Council for Youth Entrepreneurship
  • Current Chief of Staff for former US CTO Aneesh Chopra

2. Venture Fund

We back young founders who are innovating where traditional industries and governments have failed.

Kairos Society
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  • meSalva
  • Verse
  • Owlet
  • Radish
  • abaris